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ePapyrus, with its core PDF technology, has been continuously developing highquality software solutions to meet all its customer’s needs, from document creation to distribution, sharing, and management.


Products & Technologies

PDF &Electronic Document Software

PDF technologies


  • StreamDocs

    HTML5 PDF Streaming system which supports PDF viewing, review, annotations, redaction
and digital signatures on any device without downloading.
  • PDF Gateway 8

    Automated and High-Volume PDF Document Conversion Server for Enterprise. PDF Gateway 8 is an enterprise document conversion solution with support for most popular document / drawing file types that convert to PDF.
  • PDF Pro 6

    PDF-Pro 6 is a complete desktop PDF solution which delivers practical features such as editing, conversion, forms processing, annotations, viewing and printing.
  • Form Gateway

    PDF based electronic form management service. An extensive API set allows system integrators to easily integrate PDF based forms with their existing systems such as ERP, Groupware, CRM, etc. Also provides form management and statistics console for administrators.
  • Form Designer

    PDF based form editing software for Windows. Users can easily create PDF forms based on their existing paper-based forms. Also supports adding data entry validation logic in the PDF forms.
  • PlugPDF

    Easy to use mobile PDF viewer SDK for iOS and Android.
    Allows users to embed PDF viewer on your app with just 5 lines of code. Features includes annotations, form filling, digital signatures and document streaming.
  • libpdf

    Core PDF library written in C++ and built for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android and Windows CE. This technology provides the basis for all our products. It provides features such as PDF rendering, PDF editing, security, page organization, and forms processing. It also supports XPS specifications.
  • JetStream

    PDF streaming technology which can deliver pages on demand. This can be applied to both linearized and non-linearized PDF files.
    This allows publishers to minimize network bandwidth usage and maximize document security. All our products which incorporates PDF viewing features depends on this technology.
  • HiFi-PDF

    We utilize innovative PDF compression technology which can reduce existing PDF file size while keeping the fidelity of original PDF file. This reduces the cost to create, store and send PDF files, improving user experiences on mobile devices.
  • MotorSense

    MotorSense is a motor failure prediction system that uses sensors to monitor vibration and temperature in rotating machinery. The data is sent wirelessly to cloud computer where it is analyzed by AI. The AI provides failure predictions to engineers who analyze the data and provide a recommended course of action to the client.


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    ePapyrus Inc.

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  • Representative

    Jeong Hee Kim, 代表取締役社長

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    e-Document Software Solutions

    AI Based Industrial Sensors

  • Related Companies

    ePapyrus Holdings Inc.

    ePapyrus America Inc.

    DeepQuest Inc.

    SiliconMinds Inc.


In 2003, ePapyrus was founded in the back office of 'Hama Sushi', a restaurant in Silicon Valley.Jeong Hee Kim was eating leftover Sashimi and feeling thankful that he had been loaned the use of a back office by his friend.

ePapyrus, with its core PDF technology, has been continuously developing high-quality software solutions to meet all its customer’s needs, from document creation to distribution, sharing, and management. Recently, the company has begun expanding into AI and IoT for industrial monitoring and analytics.

Our company’s ultimate objective is to provide solutions to enterprise businesses, government agencies, educational institutes, and others to allow their people to focus on creative endeavors by freeing them from unnecessary paperwork and administrative functions that can impact productivity and ROI.
  • 2021
    • MotorSense America Inc. founded (TX, USA)
  • 2019
    • StreamDocs launched in US market
  • 2018
    • MotorSense (AI based motor failure prediction system) released.
  • 2014
    • StreamDocs (HTML5 PDF viewer) released
  • 2013
    • BlackMarker (server-based redaction) released
    • PlugPDF SDK (mobile PDF SDK) released for worldwide market
  • 2012
    • ePapyrus America Inc. founded (WA, USA)
    • Papyrus 5(desktop PDF Reader) released
  • 2010
    • PDF Express (lightweight PDF conversion server) released
  • 2009
    • PDF-Pro 4 launched in US market
  • 2008
    • HiFi-PDF (high compression PDF) released
    • Form Gateway (electronic forms processing) released
    • JetStream (PDF streaming server) released
    • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • 2007
    • USD200k funded by Celartem Technology (Tokyo, Japan; Osaka Hercules Listed)
  • 2005
    • PDF Station (PDF conversion appliance) released
    • PDF Gateway (PDF conversion server) released
  • 2004
    • Reincorporated as a Korean corporation, ePapyrus Inc.
    • PDF-Pro (Desktop PDF editor) released
  • 2003
    • ePapyrus founded in Cupertino, California

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